Crown of Aragón


Crown of Aragón is a card-based area control game set in the vast medieval kingdoms that controlled the western Mediterranean Sea, stretching from northern Spain all the way to southern Italy. As a monarch of one of these smaller kingdoms, you will seek to prove your worth as a ruler and bring unity to the larger region by claiming the vacant Crown.

In Crown of Aragón, you and your opponent will struggle for influence by playing cards into three areas: Military, Political, and Economic. Cards played into the Military zone represent your forces fighting for control of the nation’s resources through combat and conquest. Cards played into the Political arena are your agents who must negotiate the perilous politics of the noble court. Finally, those played in the Economic area represent the holdings and infrastructure that keep your kingdom running smoothly. Once you have finished playing your cards for the turn, you must compare the strength of your forces in each area to that of your opponent, with the winner earning a sum of Military, Political, or Economic influence equal to the difference. As the game progresses, the pendulum of power in each sphere will often sway back and forth between you and your opponent.

So manage your plans wisely, for even while you are amassing an army at your enemy’s doorstep, spies may be negotiating a deal to have your advisors assassinated in your sleep. Only a skilled tactician capable of managing all three spheres of influence will be empowered to wear the Crown of Aragon. Fail, and you risk becoming nothing more than a vassal state.

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