Leaders in Crown of Aragón!

If you joined us at PAX unplugged last weekend you may have gotten your hands on one or more leader cards that look like this:

Leader cards are an additional type of card that you can use to add variable player powers (and a ton of replayability) to your games of Crown of Aragón!

Leader cards begin the game in play and each player should start with one with its leader side up (denoted by the crown symbol and horizontal alignment). While a player has a leader card in front of them they can use their leader’s ability just like the ability of any other in play card.

The back side of each of the three promo leaders we had at PAX also features an entirely new card type called an Event. Event cards are played just like the Political, Economic and Military cards from the deck but rather than being played into an area they are simply discarded after use.

Any time you could play an event card (usually as your play for your turn, but you could also play one as the additional card from abandoning a Sawmill for instance) you can “give up” your leader card to play its event side. If you do, that card is removed from the game after the event is resolved. Leader cards can never be put in the discard pile or the draw deck.

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