• You are the ruler of a small medieval kingdom with ambitions of being the monarch of a great nation.  Using political schemes, military might, and economic prowess, can you sway the people (and the court) to your side and claim the Crown?


    Joggle’s debut title, Crown of Aragón is a fast-paced, area control card game set in the medieval kingdoms that would eventually unite to become part of modern Spain.  Utilizing a unique two-player drafting system, players will vie for control by exerting their influence over three spheres of control.  Whoever can gain the most support will be empowered to wear the Crown of Aragón, while the loser risks becoming nothing more than a vassal state.

    Key Game Features: 

    • Two-player card game
    • Short play time (10 – 15 minutes)
    • Unique drafting mechanic
    • Multiple win conditions

    Crown of Aragón will be available at your friendly local game store this spring but you can buy a special preview version at PAX Unplugged this weekend!